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I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt University majoring in "Music, Language, and Culture." I am a guitar teacher of three years at W.O. Smith and have been heavily involved in music since the age of six. I play the piano, violin, guitar, sing, write songs, arrange, and compose. I have participated in youth symphonies, touring high school symphonies, chamber groups, quartets, A Capella groups, and summer music conservatories. It's an honor to be a part of W.O. Smith!


Day 6

Performance evaluations are done! Last week all of the over 200 students receiving lessons at W.O. Smith had their performance evaluations. This is a time when the students showcase what they learned for the semester by playing in front of a jury - just like at a college music conservatory! My favorite evaluations were the drums. I also saw a girl named Pearl play the electric bass like a pro after only one semester of lessons! The students here are learning so much and learning a skill that will continue to change their lives as they become better and better musicians. You can see the difference music makes in their lives. On another note, being on the curriculum side has been interesting. I never realized what a big job designing a songwriting and composition curriculum would be. I have a lot to do! I talked with the heads of the Composition and Arranging Department and the Songwriting Department at Berklee College of Music on Friday. It's awesome to get advice from a school like Berklee and find out that big people are interested in what W.O. Smith is doing, too!