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I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt University majoring in "Music, Language, and Culture." I am a guitar teacher of three years at W.O. Smith and have been heavily involved in music since the age of six. I play the piano, violin, guitar, sing, write songs, arrange, and compose. I have participated in youth symphonies, touring high school symphonies, chamber groups, quartets, A Capella groups, and summer music conservatories. It's an honor to be a part of W.O. Smith!


Week 4 Reflection

This week at W.O. Smith was extremely busy. We had camp orientation on Monday at 5PM for all of the kids who are going to camp and their parents. This gave me the opportunity to interview the four kids who were selected as the first participants in me "Basics of Music Creation" class. I called each child's family and asked them to get there 30 minutes before their orientation. Then, I sat down with the child and their parent and explained what was going on.

I made them feel really special and smart. It's true. These kids were selected by W.O. Smith's director as great first students to test out this curriculum on. I gave them a binder with their first assignment in it and had their parent and the kid sign a contract of commitment and understanding. They were so excited and ready to get started! Two of them needed keyboards, which we checked out to them per W.O. Smith's instrument loan policy. Some of the shout outs were, "This is really cool," "This sounds like it will be a lot of fun," and "Awesome!" I can not wait until July 27th when I will have a student and parent orientation and start the first class! The first assignment is to learn all major scales and write down an original song to be played in class! We're hitting the ground running!

On Tuesday and Wednesday I spent time getting the room together that I will be teaching in. We're going to put five clavinovas in a room with a big white board. I taped a grand staff and keyboard on one side of the convertible white board and pulled in five chairs. Next, I went through some materials and sorted through music flash cards that I can use for class activities.

I can't wait until July 27th!