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I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt University majoring in "Music, Language, and Culture." I am a guitar teacher of three years at W.O. Smith and have been heavily involved in music since the age of six. I play the piano, violin, guitar, sing, write songs, arrange, and compose. I have participated in youth symphonies, touring high school symphonies, chamber groups, quartets, A Capella groups, and summer music conservatories. It's an honor to be a part of W.O. Smith!


Class 2 Reflection

Today was the second Basics of Music Creation Class. This class was slightly disappointing because two of the students were late. However, one student came 30 minutes early to ask for help with his original composition! The students create a new song/composition as homework for each class. So far they have composed two songs - both entirely original. There is one student who seems not to care very much about practicing, which is disappointing. I think what this student really needs is individual attention. I'm planning on asking the student to come in for a one-on-one lesson to catch the student up. Here is the second lesson plan:

Class Plan 2


Each student was to have completed the following assignment in addition to completing the packet’s written homework:
1)     Be able to play any interval from any note on the piano
Bonus: Play a game with yourself. Close your eyes. Play two random notes within an octave on the piano. Can you hear what the interval is? Try to name it.
2)     Make up a new song using at least three different intervals. Write it down. Be ready to play it in class. Give it a name and pick how fast to play it. Label the intervals you use.
Bonus: Use at least one sharp and at least one flat. Use every interval we learned!
3)     If you want to, revise and rewrite your composition from last week. You can play it in class if you want to.

Lesson Plan

·       Make copies of all new and revised compositions and hand out to students while students warm up and review materials.
·       Have students play revised compositions/songs in front of class. Discuss.
·       Have students play new compositions/songs in front of class. Discuss.
·       Discuss idea journal. Read ideas aloud. Have students pick at least one idea from someone else and write it down in their idea journal. Encourage them to borrow ideas from people, and to give those people credit.
·       Homework check. Students switch binders and we do a brief concept check together. Students who understand concepts well help students who do not understand concepts well.
·       Interval games. Ear training.
·       New lesson: key signatures. New assignment pack handed out. Hand out flash cards.
·       Assignment read aloud by students in class and discussed.
Extra time: pair students together to collaborate on a new composition. They can play different parts on the same piano. Have them write their idea down.

That's all for now!